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Date: July 20, 2016
Venue: Delphi
Hour: 12:00
Free admission


By David Hernández Ortega, Africa Brisa Sánchez Solórzano, Ricardo César González Zamora (4NO2), Mexico


The project that we suggest to present, is a workshop based in apply our proposal graphic representation (model) of the creative process and interdisciplinary work: “Electronic Art Project; creative processes and interdiscipline”. 

That model will help artists and students to produce a concise and coherent artistic discourse and facilitate the interdisciplinary practice by contribute with a common language, also provides a guide for creating pieces of electronic art. It will also help academics to classify, analyze and create reflexions around this kind of art, which includes forms of animation, audiovisual installation and new media.



Also we propose to give a conference based in our research of creative process in collaborative groups of electronic art. This proposal includes a final presentation of an electronic art piece (which in fact is inspired in the Greek myth of Orchis*) generated from the structure of our model.


* Orchid - Orchis mascula

Orchidaceae get their name from the Greek ὄρχις (órkhis), which literally means "testicle", a nod to the naughty nub shape of their roots. In Greek mythology, Orchis was the son of an ugly nymph and a satyr who came upon a festival for Dionysios deep in the woods. Liking his fermented grapes a wee bit too much, he overindulged on wine then tried to have his way with a priestess of Dionysios. As a result the Bacchanalians tore him limb from limb. His grieving father prayed to the Gods for him to be restored. Not that keen on men who assert themselves on unwilling young women, they turned him into a flower instead.





Africa Brisa Sánchez Solórzano

Africa Brisa Sánchez Solórzano was born in Mexico in 1988. She has a degree from Universidad Americana de Morelos in Communication (2006-2010) and specializing in field of locution (2011), she has worked for Instituto Morelense de Radio y Television (content creation, image, script writing, capsules, editorship line, underline voice and live programs), has collaborated with state-circulation newspapers and alternative projects (2008-2013).


Currently, she is a full-time student in an interdisciplinary Masters degree "MaDIC" (Master in Design, Information and Communication), her study field is Communication Strategies at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City (2014-2016). She is cofounder member of the electronic art collective group 4NO2 which is interested in generate a reflexion about social issues with a pragmatic approach through electronic art.




David Hernández Ortega

David Hernández Ortega was born in Orizaba, México in 1988. He has a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Graphic Design from the Universidad Veracruzana (2006-2011). He has professionally developed areas in editorial design, illustration, branding and information design since 2011 and participated in group exhibitions of traditional graphic such as woodcut, lithography and monotype. He also has studies in Territorial Intelligence.


Currently, he attends a Masters degree in Design, Information and Communication (MaDIC) at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City (2014-2016). He is founder member of the interdisciplinary art collective group 4NO2, which seeks to combine artistic practices with digital and electronic technology, approaching to social issues.




Ricardo González Zamora

Ricardo González Zamora was born in México in 1990. He studied Visual Arts and he specialized in painting and audiovisual at Instituto de Artes of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (2013). He started a Masters degree at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in MaDIC, an interdisciplinary program specialized in the intersections between Design, Information and Communication.


Currently he is working with the interdisciplinary art collective 4NO2, the kind of work that define the collective discourse are intended to generate an artistic experience through an interactive approach, supported by the limits between art and technology, taking into consideration mainly as a fundamental factor the role of the interactor. He has participated in different projects in which can be highlighted: Individual Exhibition “De la pantalla a la mirada, de la mano al papel” (Fundación Herrera Cabañas-2011), Exhibit of the international Festival Transitio_Mx 03 (Centro Nacional de las Arte-2009), Collective exhibit “La Muerte Chiquita” (Gurú Galería 2014), Video Festival Digital Marrakesh 3 (Cultural Center Atlas Golf Marrakesh 2010).

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