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Photo: Reading into the Landscape, Jerusalem, 2009 / Walk to the Sea, Tel Aviv 2002 (performance)


Date: Tuesday, 19 of July 2016
Venue: Delphi
Hour: 18:00
Free admission



BACK TO THE SOURCE (Performance at Delphi sanctuary site)

WALKING WITH MATERIALS (Live action workshop)



Three activities by Lezli Rubin-Kunda



1. BACK TO THE SOURCE (Performance at Delphi sanctuary site)

We have come so far from this place; we are lost. How did the Delphic oracle lead us astray and bring us to where we are today? Can we come back, bringing with us the fruits of centuries of learning, thinking, reading, and ask for an oracle that might guide us now? 

In her performance at the Delphic sanctuary, Lezli Rubin-Kunda combines two elements of her practice, walking and books, and explores the resonance of both at this significant location.



2. WALKING WITH MATERIALS (Live action workshop)

How can we feel connected to this place, experience a ‘deep tourism’. Through our own body interactions combined with local materials, we will explore the Delphi sites and town. We will discover strategies for interacting. Depending on one’s intentions, the work can be solo or collaborative; it can be interactive; it can be minimal or include sound, costume; can be private or call attention to itself…
1st day: Introductory exercises with materials, objects; slide show and discussion of artists’ projects that include walking with materials; brainstorming
2nd day: Documentation at chosen site- drawing, photographing, recording, writing;
finding, selecting, constructing objects, experimenting
3rd day: Presentation of works at chosen site; video documentation; discussion



3. MARKING THE TERRITORY  (Artist's talk)

Walking - actively engaging with my immediate environment, with different locations, through my whole body, my physical presence; a way of moving through, containing and absorbing all the complexities, contradictions and layered dimensions of any given place.

I collect and drag objects from the immediate vicinity with me – found materials acquired along the way, from the natural and the man-made. Often I use drawing and marking as a primary tool in these walks. I also work with books – at sites, or as sites in themselves, entering into an active dialogue with their content and their form.

The connections are physical, visceral, as well as symbolic, poetic.  



Lezli Rubin-Kunda

Born in Toronto, Canada. Studies- University of Toronto, B.A.- Interdisciplinary Studies;

Studio diploma, M.F.A.- School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Mass. U.S.A. Currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel and teaches in the Architecture and City Planning Department, at the Technion University, Haifa, Israel (foundation studio, drawing, environmental art and urban intervention). She is a multidisciplinary artist who works in site-specific performance, installation, video, drawing and photography, to explore her relationship with her environment, both in Israel, Canada and sites abroad. Through her own body, and using common, available, natural or man-made materials, she carries out simple actions that connect her intimately with her locale and with the physical as well as the cultural, social and metaphoric context of the site. Recent works involve site drawing and book intervention. She is currently working on a book based on interviews with Canadian artists about place and practice. Her videos and performance video documentation are shown internationally, and the artist gives presentations at many educational institutions.

Performance and exhibition venues, in live performances, solo and group shows, from the last 10 years include - Ticho House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Museum of Ein Harod, Kibbutz Ein Harod, Israel; Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel; Espais Foundation of Contemporary Art, Girona, Spain;

Collision Inter-Arts Symposium, University of Victoria, Canada, Ebent Performance Festival, Barcelona, Spain; The Western Front, and Live festival, Vancouver, Canada; Blurrr Performance Biennial, Kibbutz Nachshon, Israel; Heara 4,5 and 7- multidisciplinary site events, Jerusalem;

Deleon White Gallery, Toronto, Canada; The Lab, and City Site, San Francisco Art Commission, San Francisco, USA; Binaural Residency, Nodar, Portugal


Selected walking-based performance works-

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