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Opening: 17-07-2016 23:00

Date: July 17, 2016
Venue: Delphi, Museum of Delphic Festivals
Hour: 23:00
Free admission




Text Arrangement – Director: Ioannis Mitrou

Figure (Μedea): Maro Theodosiou

Singer: Abdullah Alshammiry

Poetry: Ioanna Scantzeli

Cinematic landscape: Ioannis Mitrou, Sebastian Tsifis

Lighting Landscapes: Dionysis Zafiridis

Art photography: Vassilis Karkatselis

Installation: Ioannis Mitrou

The International Research Workshop of Performing Arts AlmaKalma presents within the framework of the 10th ANIMART 2016, its work on the myth of Medea, a radical performance based on the work of Heiner Müller Medea Material, in clash with the poem Cascando by Samuel Beckett.

The work was approached using the tools of Biodynamics and Performed Poetic Speech, the workshop methods concerning the body and speech, thus Medea acquires shape through the bodily acts which capture the life experiences of the performer, as these arise from words of the text, words that cease to be bearers of meaning, are identified as signifiers and are re-signified in the present time during the performance.

Within this framework, Medea does not exist before and after. She becomes what is represented each time in the performance; she is created in the here and now. A “here” which is framed by and landscapes visual and sonic landscapes which incorporate and are incorporated by the performer and a “now” which remains open to the interpretation of the audience-witness of each moment.

Medea. Child murderer, betrayed spouse or barbarian? None of the above. Woman? “Neither woman nor man”. A figure in search of its identity. A figure who within the entrancement of Eros, seeks pleasure. Medea - Lust.



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