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Opening: 20-07-2016 20:00

Photo by Antonis Morgan Konstantoudakis


Date: July 20, 2016
Venue: Delphi
Hour: 20:00
Free admission


Greek myths today, Philoctetes



Text: Yannis Ritsos

Directed by: Sissy Papathanassiou

Performed by: Enke Fezollari

Song: Vefi Redhi

Music composition / soundscape: The Milena principle

Scenographie - Costumes: Zoi Molyvda Fameli

Production Assistant: Foteini Alexopoulou

Production: analogioGR


“Why did we come here, what did we fight for, why and where do we return to?”

Summer afternoon on a secluded beach on an island - perhaps Lemnos. Ten years of Trojan War. The oracle says that without Philoctetes and Heracles’ weapons that he keeps, Troy cannot be conquered. Philoctetes lives in exile in the Aegean island where he was abandoned, wounded, by the Greek expedition en route to Troy. Odysseus and Neoptolemos are sent to convince him to follow them or to return, even by trickery, Hercules’s bow and arrows that he has in his possession. However, Philoctetes refuses to give them and to reconcile with the people who had cruelly abandoned him ten years prior.

In Yannis Ritsos’s poetic monologue, Philoctetes does not speak. Neither does Odysseus. It is only the young Neoptolemos, the son of Achiles, who narrates. In his effort to convince the hero to return these arms and to get back to the battlefront, he speaks of treason, of abandonment, of political responsibility. He speaks of youth, of memory, of trauma. Identity and recognition.



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