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José Luis Carles Arribas Composer, Professor, Spain

Curriculum Vitae:


High experience as responsible teacher, researcher and lecturer. Senior Lecturer at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Master en Lenguajes artísticos Literarios y de la Cultura Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Coordinator of R & D Projects. Departamento Interfacultativo de Música. Responsible for research team in Universidad Autonoma de Madrid on Sound Cultures. Co-director of the International Congress on Sound and Audiovisual Spaces (4 editions). Director of the Ibero-American Encounters on Soundscapes. Composer. Author of sound and audiovisual installations, sound scenography’s, incidental music (dance, cinema, theatre, radio art…) electroacoustic music, action performances…

First Prize International Awards on Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music, Quadrivium Prize, IMEB, Bourges, France, 2007.

First Prize (Cristina Palmese and José Luis Carles), International Conference Cinema - Art, Technology, Communication, AVANCA Portugal. The work is titled: Plaza Multimedial (DVD) 2011.






Electroacoustic and audiovisual pieces by José Luis Carles  & Cristina Palmese


01. MOVIMIENTO (7min.)

Electroacoustic - Concrete piece.

Sounds from a old fishing boat.

By José Luis Carles Aribas



02. AQUELLOS OBJETOS (16 min.)

Electroacoustic-concrete piece.

Based on Sounds from Sound Heritage in Spain (textile mills, bells, goldsmith, other natural and craft soundscapes)

By José Luis Carles Aribas



03. ULYSE’S ECHOES (15 min.)

Multitrack Sound installation.

By José Luis Carles & Cristina Palmese




Audiovisual. Every day urban spaces from Madrid and Naples.

By Cristina Palmese & José Luis Carles Aribas

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