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Benna Gaean Maris Visual artist

Curriculum Vitae:


Benna Gaean Maris also known as Benna G. Maris or Benna.

“Either eclecticism or boredom” - Interdisciplinary arts about everything.

Benna lives and does things between two or more places, simultaneaously.



Selected biennials


Triennale della Fotografia Italiana, 2017 - Venice, Italy


The Wrong Biennale - Prosthetics Pavilion + Homeostasis Lab, 2017 - Internet


4ª Biennale del Libro d'Artista, 2017 - Naples, Italy


VideoFest2K16 - Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo, 2016 - Mexicali / Tijuana, Mexico


7th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius, 2015 - Vercelli, Italy / Vilnius, Lithuania


03 Videoakt - International Videoart Biennial, 2014 - Barcelona, Spain


3éme Biennale Méditerranéenne d’Art Contemporain d'Oran, 2014 - Oran, Algeria


2ª Biennale Internazionale del Libro d'Artista, 2013 - Treviso, Italy


VIII International Festival of Experimental Art, 2010 - Saint Petersburg - Russia



Selected solo exhibitions


From Garbage to Infinity, 2018 - 16:9 Gallery - Southfield, U.S.A.


artists and the caveman, 2017 - Performance - Genoa, Italy


nothing happened, 2012 - Centro Sant'Agostino - Cortona, Italy


nothing happened, 2011 - Ca' Annelise - Venice, Italy


Critical mEss, 2011 - Torre Saracena - Zoagli, Italy



Selected recent group exhibitions


The Pleasure in Books, 2018 - Maschio Angioino - Naples, Italy


15th Francesco Pasinetti Video Award, 2018 - Liceo M. Guggenheim - Venice, Italy


DIN A4 - Everything Art, 2018 - BBK OSNABRÜCK - Osnabrück, Germany


Der Gesang verschwindender Arten, 2018 - Group Global 3000 - Berlin, Germany


IN-SONORA 10, 2018 - Casa Encendida Cultural Center - Madrid, Spain


BAU 14, 2017 - Sehsaal - Wien, Austria


Contemporary Visions - VIDEOART IN LOOP, 2017 - Worldwide


nodoCCS - III Festival Video Arte, 2017 - Cerquone Project Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela


Bideodromo - International Experimental Film and Video, 2017 - Sarean, BilbaoArte - Bilbao, Spain


VITA TUA, VITA MEA, 2017 - CON-TEMPORARY7 - Venice, Italy


Künstlerbücher für Alles, 2017 - Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst - Bremen, Germany


#PostFuture - 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival, 2017 - 23 Mitropoleos - Athens, Greece


Pomezia Light Festival, 2017 - Various sites - Pomezia, Italy


Sofia Underground - International Performance Art, 2017 - National Palace of Culture - Sofia, Bulgaria


Intermediaciones - III muestra de videoarte & video experimental, 2016 - La Pascasia - Medellín, Colombia


ART-MAP - Re-Cognition, 2016 - Ponte de Lima, Portugal


Urban Research 2016 - 48 Stunden Neukölln- Berlin, Germany


PERCORSI, 2016 - Torre dei Doganieri - Sestri Levante, Italy


SNO 119, 2015 - Sydney Non Objective Centre - Sydney, Australia




F.I.V.E. - Feelings International Videoart Experience, 2014 - World tour


AJATUS, 2014 - Unique gallery - Turin, Italy



Prizes and awards


Videographics Prize - 15th Francesco Pasinetti Video Prize - Venice, Italy, 2018


1st Prize + Spazio Performativo Prize + 1st Prize Giovani- S.T.A.R. Bene Contest - Teramo, Italy, 2017


Jury commendation - 75 Second Film Awards Amy Johnson Festival - Hull, England, 2016


Finalist - XL Premio di Arte Contemporanea Basilio Cascella, Ortona, Italy, 2016


Finalist - Veramiglia Contest, Portomaggiore, Italy, 2014


Jury mention - 2nd B.I.L.A. Biennale Internazionale del Libro d'Artista, Treviso, Italy, 2013


Winner - 6th Golem Videofestival, Turin, Italy, 2006



the blur


Single-channel video, HD 1:1, colour, silent, 1’ (looping)


Synopsis: Deblurring Mark Zuckerberg's grey shirt.


Description: A disquieting portrait from the pataphysical future deblurring Mark Zuckerberg's grey shirt. I made this video before the actual charges on Zuckerberg about the resale of Facebook user's data. I believe that the future of Zuckerberg will be in jail, this is why I painted the stripes on his shirt.


Critical commentary by Laura Senesi, Art Historian:

«The Blur is a conceptual work of video art. The clip depicts one of the emblematic figures of 21st century: the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The billionaire inventor of the most famous among Social Networks, he is represented here in a disquieting guise: a picture of full and eccentric colours, a face with cerulean eyes, staring and focused toward a unspecified point at great distance; the bust of the famous personage is standing frontally and is facing toward the viewers. The colours of the shirt and the background behind him vary in a cycle of two times that constantly return back to start, before to restart again. The picture of the entrepreneur, that generally should be comforting in order to sell a product, seems repelling. Stripped of the typically commercial guise, Zuckerberg is projected here in a context almost provocative. The picture is anything but captivating, on the contrary it is forcing away, defies and impress the viewer getting him involved emotionally almost negatively. Moreover, it induces us to consider with a critical mind the famous people to which images we are passively subjected - and who better than the founder of Facebook would represent the surplus of pictures invading our life? - like Andy Warhol did taking as subjects for his artworks renown personages, famous indeed.


If Duchamp with "Fountain" was highlighting how the value of art would be subordinated to pre-established canons, here the author overturns the problem, inviting the observer to search the quality of the artwork in the consumerist world. The Duchampian and irreverent procedure in the artwork is found in its characteristic of being pataphysical, the pseudo-science meant as a parody of the official and academical mind. The video has to be read in terms purely sensory, not rational, as the theory of pataphysics suggests a kind of approach transcending the reasoning, in favour of the immediate impact. The meaning, even supposing its existence, is subjective, this is to say that it changes depending on the concerning, thus we could say that not one, but multiple messages do really exist.»



Exhibition history:


2018 Jury award - Videographics Prize - 15th Francesco Pasinetti VideoPrize


2018 15th Francesco Pasinetti VideoPrize - Liceo Guggenheim - Venice, Italy


2018 Problem Is Never Small- Sociëteit Sexyland - Amsterdam, Netherlands


2017 III FESTIVAL VIDEO ARTE nodoCCS - Cerquone Projects - Caracas, Venezuela


2017 Pomezia Light Festival - Pomezia, Italy


2017 #PostFuture - 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival- 23 Mitropoleos str - Athens, Greece


2016 Out Of The Blue- Greylight Projects - Hoensbroek, Netherlands




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