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Ros Bandt Sound artist / Australia

Curriculum Vitae:

Ros Bandt: Sounding Spaces is an internationally renowned sound artist with a passion for combining the old and new as she probes the acoustic spaces of everything she inhabits. She first came to Greece for a national tour organised by the Ministry of culture playing 14thcentury Venetian music with the early ensemble La Romanesca and since that time has been invited to be show her original sound works in ReMap, The Athens Video Festival, the Animart festivals 2016 and as guest artist 2017. The same year she was invited to interpret the Sacred Oak tree in sound and text for the first Dodoni festival. This year she has been in Prespes making new environmental works and a new edition of Kassia’s hymns as part of the international encounters walking bodies festival, sympo-sium and exhibition.

She has been commissioned by the Paris Autumn Festival, the West Deutsche Rundfunk Studio of Acoustische Kunst, Cologne (twice), the ORF Vienna and won the Benjamin Cohen Peace prize in the USA. Her electro-acoustic works have been commended in the Prix Italia (Mungo), and ISCM World Music Days, Bucharest, (Thrausmata).

She is published by Move Records, New Albion, USA, Wergo, ABC RECORDS, Sonic Gallery, Hearing Places, AMC and Bedroom Suck Records. She was awarded the Don Banks Composers Award for her life-long contri-bution to Australian Music and was the first woman to be awarded the Fanny Cochrane Smith award for sound heritage by the National Film and Sound Archive. Ros has a PhD in contemporary analytical musicology from Monash University, but since then, gives keynotes and guest lectures on a range of interdisciplinary sound perspectives from Bio-Acoustics, Archaeoacoustics, wild life sound recording, sonic architecture, sound in public space ( acoustic ecology, and advanced cross- cultural projects and improvi-satory practices. She won the excellence for research award for the Arts Faculty at the University of Melbourne for her innovative books and writings on sound.

She is an expert historical wind player, a pioneer of the Tarhu, the original cross-cultural spike fiddle invented by Luthier Peter Biffen, and a sound sculptor who has made over 55 installations on 5 continents. She lives from her art practice and has created an acoustic sanctuary for land for wildlife where she studies soundscape in change in the air and underwater.

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