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Christophoros Christophis Director, Author, Playwright

Curriculum Vitae:


Christophoros Christophis. Director, Dramaturge, Screenwriter, Lyricist.

He was born in Alexandria, grew up in Athens and studied in Paris where he lived for several years, as well as in Italy and New York. In the cinema, he is the creator of the well-known films “Wandering”, “Elegy for Rosa” and “Monkey Queen”.

His first two films were internationally recognized at the Cannes, Rotterdam, Mannheim and New York festivals. They received a warm welcome from the foreign press. He was twice awarded at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

In the theater, he put on his plays "Mythomania Comedy" and "The Orators" as well as “Mayfly”, which was put on in the "Old Vic" in London in 2000. Also, from 2015 to 2016 he directed the plays “Menander” and “The Shield”. In 2013, he directed the play “Come as you like” by Alberta Tsopanaki at Paramythia Theater - Kerameikos. In 2012, he directed the opera “Opus Elgin - Parthenon's destruction”, composed by Theodoros Stathis-world premiere for the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece. From 2009 to 2010, he directed the play “Sinn Fantasized" at the Kastaniotis Theater. This year, he translated from French into Greek and directed the film "A soldier's tale", composed by Igor Stravinski, at the Nafplion International Film Festival.

He has directed the TV series "Lost Spring", based on a novel by Stratis Tsirkas and “Georgios Vizyinos - The silence of the angels”, which won major TV awards in 2000. In the opera and musical theater, he has directed performances for the Opera de Tour in France as well as Ascoli in Italy with plays such as “The Temptations of St Anthony”, composed by M. Kuzan, and  “I, Pinocchio” by A. Tserikola, both plays in world premiere. In Greece, he has directed the musicals “Maestro Conbravura” by G. Drositis, “The tear of the moon” by N. Xanthoulis and “Diary for passers-by” by P. Koukou - in his own libretto. He still works in Italy and, recently, in Lisbon.


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