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Thanasis Rentzis Filmmaker

Curriculum Vitae:


Thanassis Rentzis. Born1947 in Egion.



Cinema and Semiology. (École supérieure de théâtre et de cinéma [Athènes], École des hautes études en sciences sociales [Paris]). In 1969 establishes with Dimitris Spentzos the EXPERIMENTAL FILM CENTRE (1970 - 1972).



1973, makes with Nikos Zervos his first feature film: Black & White, 90min, 35mm.

1974, founded the quarterly theoretical journal: FILM (ΦΙΛΜ [1974 - 1987]).

1975, BIO-GRAPHIA, 92min, 35mm, Cinema Scope (followsthe publication of the film-book [Editions Exantas]).

1977, Fiction, 42min, 16mm, CinemaScope, for EXPOARTE di Bari and the publication of the essay THE AVANTGARDES IN CINEMA (Editions Kastaniotis).

1978, collaboration with Iannis Xenakis in the 'Polytope de Mycènes'.

1979, Corpus, 80min, 35mm (follows the publication of the film-book [Editions Kastaniotis]).

1981, ElectricAngel, 86min, 35mm (followsthe publication of the soundtrack [CBS 70217]).

1998, Silent Machines, 72min, 35mm (Documentary in collaboration with The National Technical University of Athens). Olive Civilization, S16 (2001- unfinished).


T.V. Series, Documentaries & Mixed Media: 

Faggoto, 1 x 30΄(1983) ET 1, Theatre Faces, 2 x 30΄(1984) ET 1, 

The Greek Typography, 7 x30΄(1986) ET 1, 

The Athenian Fusion, 1 x 52΄(1992) ARTE, 

The Centenary of Olympics 1896-1996 [Mixed Media Mega Spectacle] (1992) ET 1 Eurovision.


Collectible Books: 

2001, Aspetti d'ulivo, Portfoglio of 63 photolithographs 25x35cm, 300 numbered and signed copies in Solander box, Ed. Crocetti (Milano) & Kastaniotis (Athens).

2002, OROMENA, Homage to Aristotle, 58 photolithographs 25x35cm, 120 numbered and signed copies in Solander box, Ed. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens & Kastaniotis.

In 2004, Diatton Publications released the collectors folio The Kiss of Cleopatra, 12 engravings 42x64cm on Arches paperin 100 numbered and signed copies.



General Secretary & President of Greek Directors'Guild (1975-1982).

Presidency Memberofthe Fédération Européenne des Réalisateursde l'Audiovisuel (1980-1982).

Director of Thessaloniki Film Festival (1986-1988).

Director of Entertainment Department in E.T.1 (1988-1990).

Visiting ProfessorinAthens School of Fine Arts (Department of Digital Arts [Postgraduate Programme]).

Numerous publications of essays and articles in books, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers.


Major Reference Works:

Thanassis Rentzis, L'Elettricouni Verso Della Sperimentazione, a cura di Vincenzo Camerino, Capone Editore, Lecce-Cavallino,1992.

Ηρακλής Δ. Λογοθέτης, Η Αισθητική Ανθρωπολογία στον Κινηματογράφο του Θανάση Ρεντζή, Έκδοση: Φεστιβάλ Ψηφιακού Κινηματογράφου, 2013



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