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Opening: TBA
Venue: Hydra island, Greece

Rootless / Restless

– Collaborative movement sound/walking performance and creation seminar


Following the artistic emanations of Greek mythology, our dance/walking/soundscape performance proposes an actualization of two mythical figures: Io and Prometheus. We consider both as an opposition between human and vegetal ontology and we mean to reveal artistically this cross-polarization.

Taking into account the version of the myth in Prometheus Bound, our performance intents to extract this metaphor of the punishment of the body, bound to the mountain, connected with the ground, but rootless as a being, a wanderer between gods and humans or plants and humans. His origin indicates the same intermediary ontology: he is the son of Gaia (the Earth) and of Zeus (the Sky). By being punished, he contemplates his own ontological bipolarity: bound on a rock as a plant, but rootless, searching his inspiration on the ethereal light.

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