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Opening: TBA
Venue: Hydra island, Greece


– Collaborative sound/walking performance and creation seminar


Phytoplankton is a vagrant vegetal web flowing on the water surface, following the light and its aquatic reflection. The etymology itself explains this wanderer act of these plants (phyton means plant and plankton means "wanderer" or "drifter"). Taking into account its importance for the web food in the ecosystem and its consequences for environmental monitoring, this bio floating device becomes a source of inspiration for our human steps, drifting through a Plantescape.

Our artistically journey intents to be a stepping translation of this vegetal flowing, transforming unplanned human wandering in a euphonic colonization of the ground. Keeping in mind this green raft drifting all kinds of waters of the Earth, walkers became vegetal emanations of the light by flowing the Plants Way. An imaginary map of the phytoplankton vagrancy on the water will be created by the walkers on the ground proliferating all kinds of plants in order to share the common essence of life: the light. In this sense, remembering the example of the Enlightened spirit of humanity, like Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, wandering becomes the source of the gnosis, a source of emanation of the inner light. Our artistic walking approaching expands this quest of light by searching to reach a fusion between plants and humans through the keyword REVERBERATION.

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