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Opening: TBA
Venue: Hydra island, Greece


No Shame to examine "the need", so often denied, to be ourselves, without shame, showing –with this brave action– the value of ones owns "uniqueness". No Shame lives of three parts: conceptual, social and individual.


Part I.

Conceptual (already exhibited) The author tells us about the value of his own uniqueness by breaking the homologating photographic black and white through a detail shown in its original color. Metaphoric parallelism to show how much the entire "picture" gains in strength and beauty when, even just one element, breaks the pattern, and has the courage of showing its real color. Its own authenticity. Only who takes responsibility for his own happiness accepts the risk. And exposes himself.


Part II.

Social (to exhibit) This moment is narrated by 20 pop style images of an international icon interpreting the social and relational problems that characterize our times. In order to let the visitor have a 360° sensorial experience, an original soundtrack was composed and a perfumed essence was created. An App. Augmented Reality, the viewer will be able to interact with the works of art, starting disarming and involving re-action. 

A reaction creates relations.


Part III.

Individual (to exhibit). A short film, written and interpreted by the author himself, will be presented in the third part of NoShame, together with a series of portraits of men and women that highlights their most intimate energy, the one that differentiates one from another more than ones physical traits, than ones name and surname, or than ones own sexuality. But, above all the third part of the project will disclose the brand NoShame through a fashion collection for man and woman.NoShame becomes a lifestyle. A dress to use for un-cover.


"We believe that creativity is an isolated aspect of our life. Something marginal, drowned by our everyday routine. We lose the perception of our uniqueness and live dividing our vital moments as if they were isolated instants, nearly as if they had different identities. Each of us is a world of his own, a magic organic universe. We have to retake possession of our uniqueness, with courage and without shame, celebrating in this way our existence. Because we are creating beings."


© Salvo Genovesi, 2020

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