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INTO THE ARTMOSPHERE (Open laboratory and Exhibition)
Opening: TBA

Into the Artmosphere is a site-specific laboratory at an intermedia exhibition during Animart 2020, on how to practice ecological intelligence for creative inspiration and in creating and exhibiting new ecological intelligent artworks.
Along with two conferences, also a six days creative laboratory on the eco-cultural dimension of creative work is open for general public participation.

With scientist Dr. Rich Blundell, artist Geert Vermeire and Plant Studies researcher Simona Vermeire we'll delve into what ecological intelligence is, and how artists can experience, access and manifest it in their work. We’ll also consider the relationship between art and science, nature and new economic paradigms, and we explore the larger ecological role for art and artists in contemporary culture.
The process is taking place in the local habitat of the Hydra island, with a consecutive creative online trajectory for the creation and exhibition of new works of ecological intelligent art.
The laboratory is organized around local habitats (not a theme, genre, class, medium or discipline), and is open for artists and creatives of all disciplines,  including the general public.
For self-selected artists and creatives follows a 3-month creative trajectory working on the realization of new artworks, intersected with online meetings with Rich Blundell, Geert Vermeire and Simona Vermeire, and leading to a finalized exhibition in Athens in November.



— Oika (US) is a community of artists, storytellers, and media-makers dedicated to manifesting ecological intelligence through their work, creating a new culture in alliance and alignment with nature.

— the Milena principle (Belgium) is a global network of artists and experts from various domains and disciplines, bringing together science, ecology, and arts, by working on unconventional ways and by establishing unexpected and nomadic debates on art and our contemporary world.

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