Updated: 30-04-2016 07:20
Opening: 23-07-2016 18:00

Date: July 23, 2016

Venue: Delphi

Hour: 18:00

Free admission




Event of Christopher Wood, curated by the Milena principle / Made of Walking


Reflective collective walk, trying to build a new mythology for the GPS satellite network.

It hopes to understand the existence and mode of perception of the satellites in a mode free of the ways it is currently instrumentalised for navigation, time-keeping and social media.

How does an infrastructure network such as this perceive and understand site and location?

Can we hope to get inside those perceptions?

Are terms like perception and understanding even the right way to approach this question?

The collective term for an array of satellites is a constellation.

How could we re-name and re-narrativise a constellation of satellites in the same way our ancestors did for the stars?

Can thinking about the way satellite networks perceive space be a way into building such a new mythology?

A dialogue is built around a 60 minute walk around the archaeological site of Delphi, with an app providing diagnostic information about how many satellites are in view and how strong their signals are.

The participants would then do reflective creative writing and drawing to make sense of the space that has been created for them by the satellite network.

Like GPS communication, the Delphi oracle also has a history of receiving signals and instructions from invisible sources.





He was born in 1981. He is researcher in Media Arts Technology at the Queen Mary University of London. 

His research and practice centers around space and texture, with particular attention to sound. 

He has a strong interest in interaction design as realized through audience-centered installations. 

A parallel career as a radio producer informs this work, with speech, narrative and reportage acting as key pillars in his practice.



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