Updated: 09-06-2016 09:15
Opening: 20-07-2016 23:00

Date: July 20, 2016
Venue: Delphi
Hour: 23:00
Free admission




Visual Meditations for Investigations in Seeing (Optically mediated - Noticing tour)

by Nighthouse Studio (US)


For the Delphi Night Walk, Nighthouse Studio proposes engaging participants in a nighttime investigation mediated through optical devices. Participants will partner up and exchange roles between guider and observer as they immerse themselves in altered optical observations of the Delphi night augmented with battery light sources, encouraging an expanded sense of potential for noticing in our everyday perceptual experiences.





by Floor van de Velde and Elaine Buckholtz (US)


As a culmination of the night walk a live score sound performance in the garden of the Museum of Delphic Festivals - Sikelianos House, relating to the tradition of Byzantine music as a part of the Sikelianos's philosophy and ideas surrounding the "Delphic Idea." The live score captures sonic “images” that reveal aural characteristics of the melodic formulas, melodies and intervals that are found in both secular and ecclesiastic Byzantine music. Using a collection of found sound, recorded sound, and sourced samples this library will be reconfigured into a sonic environment, navigating between sound structures and objects, to present contrasting and unexpected sound: textures that may act as a means of overcoming barriers towards a non-linear form of listening.
Delphi Night Walk is an invitation to the audience to fall into deep and active listening, reaching back to a time when music was not a distraction or escape, but rather a privilege requiring deep contemplation, resulting in a form of daydreaming, but also demanding the listener’s full attention.






Elaine Buckholtz is an installation artist with a background in lighting design and music. Her work explores the medium of light as both an ephemeral phenomenon and as an intervention to unmask hidden aspects of architectural forms found in urban settings and landscapes. She has most recently shown works at Art Basel, Works on Paper, The Lumiere Festival, London, England and Derry Ireland, Souzy Tros, Athens Greece, Back Yard Stories, Batumi, Georgia, Electric Works Gallery, The Luggage Store Gallery in S.F., and Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York. Elaine has also worked with Meredith Monk over the past fifteen years lighting Monk’s work internationally. She is currently a professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Studio For Interrelated Media.





South African artist Floor van de Velde (born in Antwerp, Belgium) is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and composer. Combining sculpture, sound, photography, and light in a variety of formats – from discrete interventions to gallery-size installations – Floor draws much of her inspiration from sound, language, and science and explores the limits of structures and systems of spatial logic and the juncture at which they break down to open up new visual and poetic possibilities.

Applying precision tools and techniques – CNC systems and other digital systems to explore the aesthetic potential of sculpture, 3D printing, architecture and design – her work focuses not only on the autonomous sculptural object, but also questions the spatial positioning and points to the phenomenological experience and embodiment of space.

Floor received a Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT, and currently teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.




(Artist Statament)

Nighthouse Studio is a collaborative project between Elaine Buckholtz and Floor van de Velde based in Boston Massachusetts. They make projects that integrate sculptural, architectural, and landscaped forms residing in both urban and nature based settings. Nighthouse Studio is interested in dynamic poetic rendering that investigate and activate the interplay between these mediums. Creating quiet spectacles that incite a sense of wonder is at the center of what motivates Nighthouse Studio’s current body of work.

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