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Nikos ATHANASAKIS Classic guitarist and music composer, Greece

Curriculum Vitae:


Nikos Athanassakis

He is a classic guitarist and music composer, his diploma obtained from Delphic Conservatory of Athens. He often performs in recitals and festivals of classic guitar and he has also participated in the music group Graviton. At the same time, as a composer, his works are played in Greece and abroad, by renowned artists and bands, such as E. Fampa, T. Sikelianou, K. Tseregof and Arcadia Quartet. Moreover, works of his are included in a musical album for modern Greek composers by the company Naxos and a print publication of the world repertoire by the company Les Productions D’ Oz. His first personal work has recently been released by the Foka+Negra Entertainment company, entitled "MAKRIA" and featuring Eirini Polydorou as a singer. It includes ten songs, influenced by classical, rock, traditional Greek music, new wave and Brazilian bossa nova.


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