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ATRAPOS Group of Culture & Dance Greece

Curriculum Vitae:


ATRAPOS Dance & Culture group aims at linking ancient dance and spirit to today, revealing a constant flow and diachronicity of messages resulting from the body's contact with the spirit, from the rich denominations of ancient texts and myths, but also from the values inherent in the quality of movement, speech and expression of our ancestors. From this perspective, the team works with artistic professionals, scientists, academics, researchers, as well as actors supporting this action, translating dance into today's messages, and presenting works, performances and events that serve this purpose. The activity of the group also extends to an educational project that aims to transfer knowledge and values to the new generation through the roots of our own culture.

With a comprehensive educational syllabus that includes adult and child education in ancient dance, the group's goal is to transmit this energy, which evolves into performances based on ancient tragedy, the study of dance in its religious and social performance, and the coupling with modern elements, creating a project easily accessible to today's audiences. The aim of the group is to promote the Greek element and culture in our country and abroad, in an innovative way, through practical and theoretical lessons, seminars with the help of scientists, artists and researchers, performances, events, documentaries, as well as interaction with foreign cultures, institutions and Universities.

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