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Marcus Grysczok filmmaker, animator, media artist, Germany

Curriculum Vitae:

Marcus grew up in a family of four children with a technical/artistic background.

His father, Jürgen Grysczok tried to establish himself in 1995 in a "fairy tale gallery", in the middle of Thuringia, Germany by carving and staging hand puppets and events. His mother Monika Grysczok is a costume designer and supported the company. The project is becoming more and more ambitious and challenges all family members. The suicide of his brother Alexander in winter 2001 marked a personal turning point. After the separation of his parents in 2002, a time of constant moves and new beginnings began for him. He traveled through New Zealand and Morocco and he mets his present girlfriend. They got their first of 3 children, very quick. He spents his 20's in Berlin Kreuzberg studying film and animation and he still feels connected with this place. Through the intensive collaboration on two claymation films "Esterhazy" and "Josette und Ihr Papa" by animation director Isabela Pluszinska (Silver Bear Winner/ Berlinale), he gots many insights into the production of "Independent Stop Motion" productions. There he started with an internship and after 3 month he was key character animator. And he loved it … Besides his “animation day job“ he did first music videos and live visuals for bands, which still is a great experience. He learned a lot about doing projects with a small amount of money.

In 2011 he went back to his hometown Erfurt and they got their 2nd child and he started to work as a freelancer for film and animation. Since then Stop Motion Animation hasn't let him go and determines his artistic work in many ways. He gots some good feedback at international film festivals and in 2016 he founded the “Boddinale Stop Motion Academy“ as part of the Boddinale Community Movie Festival ( in Berlin. They are bringing people, art and activism together by working on stop motion animation projects with different techniques and a lot of passion. The practical workshops will be leaded by international artists from illustration, stop motion animation, puppet building, filmmaking and are open to everyone interested in practical experience in these fields. Besides music videos, image films and workshops he started to work on his own artistic projects.

In 2017 he was accepted for TP2 Talentpool (, which supports young talents from central germany in the areas of script, direction and production for feature films and documentaries. That offered him the chance to develop his own film project with the personal support of professional filmmakers, coaches and the TP2 community. The qualification program is mainly supported by the Central German Media Promotion, the Free State of Thuringia and it is organised by the film production company Tradewind Pictures GmbH.… So he took the chance to start the development of his first own stop motion short film project “The Red String“ which is related to the mysterious dead of his younger brother in 2001. He managed to end the program with a concept and now its time to workout a script as the basement of an exposé. Also in 2017 they got their 3rd child and now he thinks their family is complete. His plan for the future is to combine a stop motion studio and the academy, so he ables to give workshops, organize events and produce his own films.



1995 - 2001

abitur / exam

“Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium Sömmerda"


2001 - 2002

alternative service

“LAG Puppenspiel Erfurt”


2005 - 2007

Digitalfilm & Animation SAE Institut Berlin diploma


2007 - 2010

ClayTraces - Animation Films Berlin Animation Studio Stop Motion Character Animation

“Esterhazy” 26 min Claymation



Josette und Ihr Papa” 8 min claymation




2011 - 2012

Teacher for Animation at “Adult Education Center” Erfurt


2011 - 2018

freelance filmmaker, director, stop motion, media artist, workshop guide, …


collaboration partner since 2011:

Boddinale Stop Motion Academy Berlin, Brockmann & Bargmann, Peter Piek, Martin Kohlstedt, Bernhard Eder, Caminauta, Earthship Crew Cologne, Ghostandthesong, Mary Ocher, Loophole Berlin, Dirk Markham, She Owl, Simeon Soul Charger, Crazy Like A Fox Records, Guido Möbius, Ryo Takeda, Molly Mega Trio, Hannes Kinder und Band, Michael Schneider, Camera, Don Plus Ultra, Melodica Reykjavik, Johanna Amelie, Trinidad Doherty, Roosmarijn, Marteinn Sindri, Age Of Hope (NGO), Raumwagen, Jessica Backhaus, Squalloscope, ASB Sömmerda, KoCOLORes, Norman Sinn, ...



May 2017 - Feb. 2018

Tp2 Talenpool

development of an exposé “THE RED STRING” a stop motion short-film


Oct. 2018 Bauhaus University Weimar Media Arts (Ba)



Selected projects


2017 - 2018

(AT) Einstein’s Zeitreise (Postpro)


4:32 min

Multiplan Claymation

ASB Sömmerda


Feb 2018

Boddinbale Stop Motion Academy Berlin

A series of interdisciplinary Stop Motion Workshops, during the 5th Boddinale Community Movie Festival in Berlin

Organisation & Durchführung (unter anderen) eigener Stop Motion Workshops Urban Spree


Oct. 2017


Official music video for Brockmann // Bargmann Shot in Berlin, Sept. 2017

4:45 minLive Animation Light Painting in Urban Space Release via Bureau B


Aug. - Sept. 2017

"Jugend Lebt Und Jugend Bewegt”

Stop Motion Workshop

Young people from the Sömmerda area advertise more participation

2:45 min

Claymation Jugendclub Buttstädt

ASB Sömmerda


09 - 19.02.2017


A series of interdisciplinary Stop Motion Workshops, during the 5th Boddinale Community Movie Festival in Berlin

Kino Zukunft am Ostkreuz

Partner: Loophole Berlin, Boddinale Community Movie Festival, Kino Zukunft am Ostkreuz


Aug. - Dez. 2016

Peter Piek - 1st Song


3:25 min

Live Animation, Pixelation, Jumping

Island - Reykjavik & Westfjords

https:// peter-piek-videopremiere-first-song

Ibiza Cinefest, Video Clip Contest (Russland), The Berlin Flash Film Festival, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Tapetenwechsel Erfurt, 5th Boddinale Community Movie Festival Berlin, ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan, Locomoción - festival de animation experimental (Mexico), Backup Weimar 2017


Oct. 2016

FLOATING - Urban Live Animation

Live Animation, Pixelation, Jumping Workshop AWO SANO Hotel Oberhof Thüringen


April 2016

Rainbow Papertower

5 sec

gefeatured von Instagram, 5 mio. views Boomerang App


2015 - 2016


Short film // Road movie about my trip with the NGO - AGE OF HOPE to the Hungarian city Zakany in October 2015

3:53 min


Erfurt - Wien - Zakany

No Dogma Kurzfilm Festival, Boddinale Community Movie Festival 2017, International Red Cross Film Festival


2013 - 2014


4:25 min

Imagefilm for Loophole ArtSpace: A sandbox for the independent art community of Berlin. Stop Motion Animation, Puppet Trick, Claymation Loophole Berlin

Interfilm Festival Berlin, Boddinale Community Movie Festival 2012014



Don Plus Ultra - Im Bann Des Dr. Fiese

Mashup Shortfilm 15 min

Doctor Fíese turns an unsuspecting pizza man into a kneading figure. Newborn, our hero has to find his way in a cruel world of nightmares. There he meets two other pizza delivery men who were turned into dough before him. They fight against huge insects, chimeras and an angry giantess.

Eventually, you can escape from the jaws of death.

15 min experimenteller Kurzfilm

Puppetshow, Stop Motion, Real Film



Peter Piek

music video


fantasy pixilation



Hannes Kinder - Imagefilm

2:30 min

Claymation Puppetanimation



Simeon Soul Charger's 4th Official music video, „Cain"

4 min

Claymation Puppetanimation

collaboration Marcus Grysczok & Simeon Soul Charger



Ghostandthesong - “Ou Inme"

music video

2:35 min

analog & digital animation



“Gina” 4 min

Stop Motion Claymation




“Automatic Alice”

exposé for feature stop motion film



Boddinale Stop Motion Academy

Boddinale Stop Motion Academy founded by Marcus Gysczok in 2017 is a series of workshops in the art of Stop Motion taking place in Berlin, Germany. We’re bringing people, art and activism together by working on stop motion animation projects with different techniques and a lot of passion.

The practical workshops will be leaded by international artists from illustration, stop motion animation, puppet building, filmmaking and are for everyone interested in practical experience in these fields.
During the workshop we teach basics of animation using Dragonframe software, set and puppet building, how to develop your ideas and write a script, then create a short film (30 seconds up to 1 minute). The video made by participants will be shown at Boddinale Film Festival.




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