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Maria Lindström Sound artist, Sweden

Curriculum Vitae:

Maria Lindström was born in Sweden (1987) 



2017-2018 Erasmus +, Composition, Universtität der Kunste, Berlin

2015-2018 Bachelor in Composition – Electroacoustic music, Royal Collage of Music, Stockholm

2010-2015 Bachelor in Psychology, Uppsala university, Uppsala

2013/2015 Introductory course/ Level 1, Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm

2009-2010 Musik60hp–Folkmusik, Inges und School of Music, Karlstaduniversity, Arvika

2010-2011 Folkmusik fiol, Malungs folkhögskola,Malung

2016-2017 Extra-curricular studies in music programming software, PatrikOlsson, composer/programmer, Stockholm

2013-2016 Extra-curricular studies in electroacoustic music, Hadrian Prett, composer/violinist, Stockholm



2018 Sound installation, Fo(u)rStomachs, Group exhibition-Unitof Measurement, Vorspiel/transmediale & CTM, Berlin

2017- Sound/video What Remains, London Film Festival/ Suspaustas Laikas festival, London/Litauen

2017 SoundscapeKlangen av Norden, Førde Traditional and World Music Festival, Norway

2017 Dance performance You stopped, suspended and dropped, Stockholm

2017 Trana, Svensk Musikvår, Kungliga Operan,Stockholm

2016 Sound installation, Lianer, Höstsalongen, Dalarnas Museum, Falun

2016 Sound installation, Melothria, Konserhuset, Stockholm

2016 Dance performance, Allt blev svart, Stockholm

2015 ThirdEye, performed at VEMS summer tour, in collaboration with Elektronmusik studion (EMS), Dalarna 2013-2014 Dance performance, Interaktion, Linköpings folk musik festival, Linköping


EXTRAS (selected)

2017 Audio and Studio engineer Assistant, Royal Collage of Music, Stockholm

2016-2017 Teaching Assistant, Royal Collage of Music, Stockholm

2017 Project manager FUSE, in collaboration with Ättiksfabriken Art Space, Royal Collage of Music, Stockholm

2016- Boardmember in Ättiksfabriken Art Space, Falun

2015-2016 Boardmember in KonstmusiksystrarStockholm




2017 Stiftelsen AAA, Stockholm

2015 Samarbete med komponist, Kulturrådet, Stockholm

2009 Kulturstipendium för unga, Landstinget Dalarna, F



der Landebahn 2.0

Sound installation by Maria Lindström, Video and Hilda Lindström, projection


der Landebahn is an international project that were shown in Sweden and Berlin. It is a sound installation in two versions, one was presented in the closed airport Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, Germany in February 2018 and the other was presented in the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden in April 2018. During Maria Lindström’s exchange studies at Universität der Kunste in Berlin she was regularly visiting the airport for two months for collecting material and inspiration for the installation. This resulted in the first version of the installation for five speakers presented on one of the runways. The sound material was based on eight historical events from the Tempelhofer Feld which were converted in to sound, the material also contained field recordings from the visits. The project aims to investigate how composing can develop and be affected from a longer visit at a specific place. 

In the second version of the installation, der Landebahn 2.0, the material is based on showing material from the work progress at the airport and to try to summarise a feeling that the place presents. The conversion of image to sound also forms part of the material here: to further develop this process, a photo editing program is used, which manipulates photos from the Tempelhofer Feld installation and is after this converted to audio files. With the attempt to imitate the visual effects on the audio files different sound processing techniques have then been used.

This version also contains a video projection based on photos / videos from the work process at Tempelhofer Feld, as well as reflections on the concept of landing, attendance and travel. This version also contains a collaboration with the visual artist and printmaker Hilda Lindström. She made a videoprojection based on the material from the work process as well as reflections on the concept of travelling, departure/arrival, future/past and attendance.

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